My outlook as a Graphic Designer points towards the extraordinary. Euphoric colors. Clashing opposites. Three dimensional illusions. Unorthodox materials. Incredible visual gestures only seen in dreams. Image as word.


Being Mexican might play a role in this vision. I want to bring the colors of my upbringing to contemporary visual culture. I want to create visual harmony inspired by the natural landscape of my homeland. Visual dynamism through layering, movement, and transformation of flatness into energetic visuals is part of my mission as a multicultural designer.


I am also an image maker and a story teller with the great opportunity to incite change. I take advantage of this platform by stating my stance on the power within society, love, nature, family, culture, and most of all, the power of the self. My work may visually speak loudly but at times it solely has the purpose to enlighten by exploring new dimensions of color, form, and texture.